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Axis can provide you the data masking expertise you need to quickly mask tens or hundreds of databases or files. We create customized solutions that are automated and don’t break your existing test and development environments.

Experts in Scalable Data Virtualization, Data Masking & AWS Data Solutions

Axis Technology, LLC is a top-rated company that has been providing Data visualization consulting services for over 16 years. Our ability to provide customized data virtualization solutions to well-established and upcoming organizations has made us stand out. We’ve worked with financial institutions, healthcare providers, and retail organizations globally. Given a chance, our experts will.

Fast & Secure

You need a fast and secure software development and testing environment for your global customers? Talk to our data virtualization experts and we’ll provide customized services to you from any location worldwide. We’ll ensure that the sensitive data used in the rigorous field testing is secure throughout the testing period.

Guarantees & Security

You don’t have to spend a lot of resources and time in data refreshes when all you have to do it to talk to us. Our data virtualization consulting experts implement the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform which guarantees the security of your data. Whether your data is on-premises or you’ll upload it to a cloud-based environment, we’ll ensure it is safe. With this, developers on different sites will easily collaborate without putting their sensitive information at risk.

Data Masking

Do you need to use sensitive health information or p data virtualization experts and we’ll mask the information for ease of testing. We are fully compliant with HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR, among other privacy regulations.

Delphix Implementation Experts

Our data virtualization consulting experts can work in different databases such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Servers, and Postgres, among others. As Delphix implementation experts, you can expect the best data virtualization experts.

Call us today and speak to one of our data virtualization experts. We promise a top-notch and confidential conversation in regards to your company’s data visualization consulting needs.

Why Axis Technology?

We are professional.

At Axis Technology, we aspire to provide expert data virtualization consulting in Boston solutions that will enhance software speed delivery. Our satisfaction is in helping you to achieve your business goals without compromising your data security.

We are result-oriented.

Our data virtualization consulting experts work hard to solve issues that everyone thought was impossible. We believe in teamwork and in the same spirit, inspire our clients to go beyond their limits. Whenever you ask for data virtualization services, we’ll keep working until we get what your company needs.

We have vast industry experience.

Axis Technology, LLC has been providing data virtualization consulting services for over 16 years. We take pride in working with our clients to find solutions to the most complex data virtualization needs. Our expert team has worked with leading financial and health institutions and has seen the success of complex and unique projects.

You’ll get customized services.

We understand that every company has unique needs in regards to data virtualization consulting. This is why we’ll go out of our way to ensure that we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
We listen first, then work together to come up with a solution that is a perfect fit for your organization.

We use the latest technology in service delivery.

We take your security seriously and this is why we go to any length you ensure that your data is safe.
With us, you can be assured of staying ahead of your competition when it comes to technology.

Our Data Virtualization Consulting Services

With data virtualization, you’ll be able to provide each stakeholder with a complete and functional database. You’ll no longer have to
engage in costly data refreshes any time the stakeholders are developing or testing new software.

We can work in multiple range of databases such as:


Axis Technology has the best data virtualization technology for Oracle databases. Our professionals will not just install and set up your data virtualization software, we’ll also help you to implement it. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are considered.

data virtualization consulting in Boston

SQL Server

Are you using an SQL server and need a rigorous field testing for your projects or new application? We understand that you need to use a huge amount of data some of which is very sensitive. It is also certain that this testing can be expensive and time-consuming especially with numerous data refreshes.

Axis Technology Digital Virtualization Consulting experts can change all this. No matter how sensitive the information is, we’ll mask it and make it possible for you to use it for the testing. Our data virtualization services are compliant with HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR, among other bodies.

At Axis Technology, we are also able to carry out data virtualization on Sybase, Postgres, and DB2. Among the benefits you’ll get from our data virtualization consulting are:

Powerful Data Control

With our data virtualization, your stakeholders will be able to develop and test new software from any location globally. We use the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform in our data virtualization to ensure that you get the best.

We’ll safely virtualize your data either on-premises or upload it to a cloud-based environment. This will enable developers on multiple sites to collaborate easily.

Eliminate Data Friction

Our data visualization consulting team will combine multiple or scattered data and make it possible for stakeholders to access it when the need arises. You will no longer fear about exposing your sensitive information as we’ll mask it on your behalf.

We’ve worked with leading financial institutions and healthcare facilities and for this reason; we know the best option for you. We’ll change your platform from one user into a place where multiple stakeholders can work together from any location globally.

Axis scalable data virtualization consulting in boston team will provide data solutions in accordance with Delphix Virtualization. With this, your project is bound to succeed and in as little as 6 weeks, you’ll get returns on your investment.

Our Data virtualization Consulting Services are HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR Compliant.

All our data virtualization services are in compliance with set privacy regulations set by bodies such as HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR. With this, developers will
safely access the personally identifiable information or protected health information without any security risks.

Our Data Virtualization Process

Project planning

When you get in touch with our data virtualization consulting in Boston team, we’ll come up with a customized plan for you. We understand that each company has its unique needs and we will work towards fulfilling these needs. The project management office will carry out the project planning process.

Data Onboarding

After the planning, our expert team will size, configure, and ingest your source data. This will help us to get ready for the data virtualization process that will ensure that this sensitive information is safe.

Delphix Data Virtualization

Axis Technology experts will then use the Delphix Dynamic Platform to virtualize your data. Whether it is personal information or sensitive health information, we will mask it. Our virtualization process is in accordance with the privacy regulations and this means your information will be safe.

Data Off-boarding

After completing the data virtualization process, you will be able to give stakeholders access to your sensitive information. Since it is already masked, there will be no security threat and the process of developing and testing software will be faster.

Post-Masking Validation

The application team will then check to ensure that the masking process was a success.
Our data virtualization company has been providing data masking services for 16 years. From this experience, we’ll leave no room for errors in the entire process. Large financial institutions and health facilities trust us with their data virtualization processes which mean we are dependable.

Are you ready for your data virtualization project? Get in touch with Axis Technology today and we promise you exceptional results. Our data virtualization consulting team will work in collaboration with your DBAs for the success of your project.

With us, you’ll no longer fear to explore the heights of developing and testing software for fear that your data will get compromised. We look forward to talking to you about your data virtualization project in confidence. Our clients have trusted us with their data virtualization and we look forward to having you as our happy client. Contact Us!

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